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Best screwdriver set


Best screwdriver set screwdrivers square measure a necessary set of tools to own the house, particularly if you tend to try to lots of repairs by yourself. The most downside arises because of the very fact that the screws are available in completely different sizes and kinds. For this reason, it’d be lots handier to own a screwdriver set that you’ll use to seek out the proper screwdriver for the duty.

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Getting a screwdriver set shouldn’t be too dear and a few of them do are available in a convenient case to store all of them. This might prevent lots of house and save time to find the proper screwdriver to use. We’ve got a place along an inventory of a number of the simplest screwdriver sets out there. This square measure all rated supported quality, client reviews and also the quality of the tools beside the worth.

Famous Company of Screwdriver set

#01 dewalt Dewalt View all
#02 tekton Tekton View all
#03 klein Klein View all
#04 gearwrench GearWrench View all
#05 jackly Jakemy View all
#06 stanley Stanley View all
#07 se SE View all
#08 craftsman Craftsman View all
#09 channellock Channellock View all
#10 performance Performance Tool View all
#11 keenest Keenest View all
#12 wiha Wiha View all
#13 vastar Vastar View all
#14 williams Williams View all
#15 maxtech Maxtech View all
#16 bahco Bahco View all
#17 oria ORIA View all
#18 wera Wera View all


Top Popular Screwdriver set Comparison Table

DEWALT DW2163 37 Piece Dewalt Check Price
TEKTON Long Arm Ball 26 Piece Tekton  Check Price
Klein Tools 85078   8 Piece Klein  Check Price
GearWrench 80066  20 Piece GearWrench  Check Price
Jakemy JM-8153  36 Piece Jakemy  Check Price
Stanley 94-248  65-Piece Stanley  Check Price
SE 7519SD  33-Piece SE  Check Price
Craftsman 9-31794  17 Piece Craftsman  Check Price
Keenest iPhone screwdriver 29 Piece Channellock  Check Price
Performance Tool W1721  100 Piece Performance Tool  Check Price
Keenest iPhone Screwdriver  29 Piece Keenest  Check Price
Wiha 26190 Sl Screwdriver  8 Piece Wiha  Check Price
Vastar Apple iPhone Tool  13 Pieces Vastar  Check Price
Williams 50605  62 Piece Williams  Check Price
Maxtech 16521MX  32 Piece Maxtech  Check Price
Bahco 202020 Screwdriver Set  6 Piece Bahco  Check Price
ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set   60 Piece ORIA  Check Price
Wera Screwdriver Set  6 Piece Wera  Check Price


DEWALT DW2163 37-Piece Screwdriver Set



This screwdriver set by Dewalt had everything that we tend to were craving for during a screwdriver set. This is often one among the popular merchandise on Amazon and for s a per reason. The set comes with forty-five items that reorganized by sort and size. These screwdriver tips will then be hooked up to the handle once it’s being employed. Removing the pinnacle is simple, thus shift between screwdriver heads isn’t a drag in the least. Another smart issue regarding this screwdriver set is that it comes with a really powerful case during which you’ll be able to store all the items within the set.


TEKTON Long Arm Ball 26-Piece

TEKTON Long Arm Ball


If you wish a screwdriver set that is affordable and may be accustomed repair smaller electronic sets then this is often one amongst the simplest out there. It prices solely $10 that makes it one amongst the most affordable screwdriver sets on our list. The pack comes with sixteen items, however, all of them return fitted with a handle also, instead of having interchangeable bits. The shafts are all made from high-quality steel which provides it nice sturdiness and resistance to corrosion. The handles are plated with chrome and are designed in such some way on improving the grip. The set comes enclosed with a standard jewel case wherever you’ll be able to store the screwdrivers in.


Klein Tools 85078 Cushion-Grip 8-Piece

Klein Tools 85078 Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set, 8-Piece


This 8-piece screwdriver set is good for just about any home or workshop applications. hold on in an exceedingly reusable plastic instrumentality, the set will simply be held on or moved around whenever required. It includes a cabinet-tip, 3 keystone-tip, and 4 Philips-tip screwdrivers that even if they aren’t magnetic, are adequate to compensate. We must always conjointly imply that Klein created these screwdrivers with electricians in mind, which means that they’re good for any electric-related work.


GearWrench 80066 20 Piece

GearWrench 80066


If you’re willing to pay a good little bit of cash on your screwdriver set and want individual screwdrivers, then this can bone in all the simplest choices out there. not like most alternative screwdriver sets that have individual screwdrivers, this one comes in an exceedingly} very convenient case similarly that you’ll be able to use to store the screwdrivers. There square measure twenty totally different screwdrivers within the set with an outsized selection in sizes and kinds. This makes it ideal for many functions as a result of the range in screw heads. The handle of the screwdrivers is all designed to be ergonomically snug to use.


Jakemy JM-8153 All in 1 Screwdriver Set

Jakemy JM-8153


This is another one in every of the popular merchandise on Amazon. The Jakemy JM-8153 thirty-eight in one exactness Screwdriver Set may be a ton cheaper than the opposite 2 merchandise that we tend to review, however, it will go with fewer bits. There area unit thirty-eight bits within the screwdriver set, all organized showing neatness in a very convenient carry case. The case is each compact and quite arduous, giving it nice sturdiness. we tend to additionally likable however the handle and bits would lock in situ, preventing them from being discharged even though the case is born. The bits area unit all fabricated from chrome alloy steel and area unit simply interchangeable.


Stanley 94-248 65-Piece

Stanley 94-248


This is another screwdriver set that comes with individual screwdrivers. You get lots fewer screwdrivers than the merchandise we tend to reviewed antecedently by Craftsman; however, they’re all best screwdrivers moreover. The package includes eight completely different completely different screwdrivers that are available different sizes and kinds. This makes it handy for general uses; however, it’s going to not be appropriate to repair smaller electronic devices like cell phones. the ideas of all the screwdrivers area unit magnetized so it will hold the screws. the standard of the screwdrivers is another excuse that produces this product therefore sensible as they’re all plated with chrome to stop them from corrosion over time.


SE 7519SD 33-Piece Security Bit Set

SE 7519SD


Chrome atomic number 23 construction for sturdiness. Torn bit sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm; (4) hand tool bit sizes: four, 6, 8, 10mm. Tri-Wing bit sizes: #1, #2, #3, #4; (6) SAE Hex bit sizes: 5/32″, 9/64″, 1/8″, 7/64″, 3/32″, 5/64″. Metric bit sizes: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm; (9) Torn bit sizes: T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T35, T40. 2-¼” Magnetic Extension Bit Holder. Item Weight ten.1 ounces. Product Dimensions five x four.8 x 0.5 inches. created in China. range Of items thirty three.


Craftsman 9-31794 Screwdriver Set, 17 Piece

Craftsman 9-31794


You aren’t possible to search out an entire set of screwdrivers than Craftsman 17-piece set. These high-quality screwdrivers use Phillips blade tips designed to produce tight tolerance and glorious screw holding at a similar time. this can be because of their heat-treated and Slotted blade tips that square measure factory-made to resist virtually any sort of abuse. The set contains nine slotted and seven Phillips screwdrivers of all sizes, specifically designed to fulfill the wants of any lineman.


Channellock SD-7CB Blue Screwdrivers

Channellock SD-7CB


Set Includes: 1/4″x4″, 1/4″x6″, 3/16″x4″, 3/8″x8″ Slotted & #1×4″, #2×4″, #3×6″ Phillips Code Blue Screwdrivers. Screwdriver with magnetic tips. Screwdrivers with Go-Thru steel blades for more strength. High force, 3-sided Code Blue grips. Optical maser inscribed steel caps for simple identification. Item Weight a pair of.9 pounds. Product Dimensions fourteen x one.8 x 11.2 inches. Created in the USA. Color blue. life warranty. All Channellock tools area unit 100-percent bonded against breakage and failure.


Performance Tool W1721 Screwdriver

Performance Tool W1721


Comfort non-slip shaped cushion grip. Chrome metal blades and power bits. Bright cushion grip makes it exhausting to lose a screwdriver and is definitely cleansed if grubby. Super convenient organizing zippered carrying case. Magnetic tip helps aid in securing the insane tight places. Item Weight fourteen.4 ounces. Product Dimensions nineteen.7 x 19.3 x three inches. created in China. Size Screwdriver Set with Pouch, 100-Piece. Product time period pledge.


Keenest 29 in 1 Screwdriver For iPhone

Keenest 29 in 1


Screwdriver Tools, pocketbook sort Packing, Highlight Grade. pocketbook sort Packing, light-weight and movable. appropriate for much digital merchandise, varied sorts of the laptop, Mobile Phones, Camera, Glasses, Watches. High preciseness Screwdriver Head, a High-end Steel (Chrome metal Steel) by Special Heat Treatment. With a Compact and various Package, straightforward to hold all over you would like. difficult to Scattered.


Wiha 26190 Sl Screwdriver 8 Piece

Wiha 26190 Sl


This specific screwdriver set contains four robust screwdrivers made up of high permit chrome-vanadium-molybdenum alloy steel that isn’t seemingly to rust or shows any signs of harm from regular use. These screwdrivers even have a rotating cap for precise turning and tip management, a cap mounted on a really durable shaft fitted into a tapered handle made up of high-quality plastic.


Vastar 13 Pieces Complete Repair Tool Kit for Apple iPhone



Vastar is one amongst the most cost effective screwdriver sets that we tend to might notice because of it prices but $15 for fifty-eight bits. The set uses magnetic bits that are interchangeable with the screwdriver handle. The bits are appropriate for repairing laptops, cell phones, and numerous alternative trendy physics together with diversion consoles. the sole issue we tend to didn’t like regarding this set is that the case that it comes in, isn’t the foremost study out there. However, it will store all the bits and also the handle itself in its compact style. the motive force itself includes a terribly comfy and non-slip grip that permits you to use it with ease.


Williams 50605 Screwdriver Set, 62-Piece

Williams 50605


63-Piece set. skilled quality, product of top-grade chrome alloy steel. Sockets feature super torsion lobe openings for larger turning power while not deforming the fastener. Packed in rugged high-density polythene case. The case is shock proof at each high and low temperature.


Maxtech 16521MX Precision Bit Set 32-Piece

Maxtech 16521MX


30 heavy-duty Chrome-Vanadium exactness bits. Telescopic driver shaft adjusts to the specified length. Compact pocket-sized case. Three removable bit trays for simple access. Metal modification ferine. Item Weight half-dozen.4 ounces. Created in Taiwan. Metal body. Guarantee one year.


Bahco 202020 Screwdriver Set 6 Piece

Bahco 202020


6 piece set. three slotted and three Phillips screwdrivers. Metal putting cap at prime of handle offers final protection throughout jobs requiring high impact and other force. Black compound tip. High impact resistant. Item Weight three.2 ounces. Created in China. Restricted Warranty: Snap-on Industrial Brands warrants that BAHCO merchandise shall be free from defects in acquirement and materials for the usable lifetime of the merchandise.


ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set, 60 in 1 Kit

ORIA Precision


This screwdriver set by Orica offers plenty additional items thereto because it contains fifty eight bits. This makes it a really convenient screwdriver set to possess because it are appropriate to be used with plenty of screws. The screwdriver handles itself is sort of fashionable in style and incorporates a terribly comfy grip. The bits is connected to the handle simply and uses magnetism to carry them in situ. The set is used for laptops, phones, game consoles and numerous alternative electronic devices attributable to the large choice of sizes and kinds within the set. The set comes in a straightforward to hold case that is light-weight in weight and compact in style.


Wera Screwdriver Set, 6-Piece

Wera Screwdriver Set


Features polygonal shape blades with optical maser tip for Slotted and Phillips drive tips and rack. Optical maser tip micro-rough drives tip bites into the fastener to make sure an ideal work and scale back the cam-out impact. Multi-component Kraft paper kind handle fits the form to the hand for the last word in comfort and high-speed force transfer. Polygonal shape bolster provides additional force transfer with use of open-jawed or ring hand tool. Restricted life pledge, German designed. Options polygonal shape blades with optical maser tip for Slotted and Phillips drive tips and rack. Optical maser tip micro-rough drives tip bites into the fastener to make sure an ideal work and scale back the cam-out impact.

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